Top Places and Activities to Explore in Atlanta

The city of Atlanta has so much to offer, it gives experiences to a wide variety of outstanding attractions and memorable activities. Below we shall compile a list of the most popular places to ensure your itinerary is full and the whole family is covered. Be sure to have fun and create the most memorable memories out of your vacation in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Georgia
Atlanta Cityscape

The Atlanta History Center

It was founded in 1926 and it’s located in Buckhead.  It has woodland areas, different wildlife and it sits on 33 acres of garden area. The museum brings back history to the present through various activities like summer camps, annual festivals, lectures from award-winning authors, music series among others.

It offers exhibitions on different topics like the civil war, southern folk art and African American Heritage. It has a wing exclusive for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. In Midtown is the Margret Mitchell House, a two-acre campus that showcases where she wrote the award-winning novel Gone With the Wind. It also has a movie exhibit about the making of the movie from the movel and showings of the movie. Also, don’t forget the gift shop.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

It is located in Midtown near Piedmont Park. It is composed of well designed and manicured gardens that spread over 30 acres. Over 50 different upgrades and updates have been made since it was opened more than 3 decades ago. It has a sunflower fountain dedicated to kids’ swimming.

It boasts of rare collections of orchids never grown in the southeast before in the Fuqua Orchid Center. It offers holiday nights with garden lights (1 million led lights) and visitors can explore the exciting Venus Fly Trap and learn about honeybees. It also offers weekly shows, different classes and yoga exercises in the very garden.

Inside Tour of the CNN Studio

The Cable News Network located right in Atlanta offers a 50 minute walking tour through the different rooms including the control and newsroom among many others in the facility. The inside tour begins on the world’s largest escalator that is 8 storeys high and 196 ft long. The current newsroom used to be a Human Pinball Machine.

Visitors are privileged to see how the teleprompter and weather map works. They can watch live action in the largest CNN studio (studio 7) and get a demonstration of how John King the newsman moves stuff around the touch screen on election nights.

The Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

Located in downtown Atlanta, it is one of the largest aquariums in the world and home to a variety of animals. It offers over 60 different habitats and more the 500 animal species. It exhibits different features like River Scout, Tropical Diver, Ocean Voyager and the Cold Water Quest. Its largest exhibit in the aquarium has 4 whale sharks and manta rays while the second largest is home to 4 beluga whales and many other aquatic creatures. It also offers a dolphin exhibition and there are shows that include a spectacular music performance that depicts the dolphin-human bond.

Other places include The Stone Park Mountain, Zoo Atlanta, High Museum of Art, among others.