When is the best time to visit America?

America is the most popular tourist attraction. Each season makes it special in America. The best time to visit America is throughout the whole year. On the northern side have different temperatures than the southern side. Some season is great for some attractions. To visit attractions, you have to come that specific season that is meant to go and to experience. 


Spring last between March and May. Mostly in springtime, it gets greener and it rains. You must consider visiting the southern part of America because most wildlife is getting greener and the flown is growing. In springtime, it is when tourist considers visiting America. The north-east side has the most rainfall. On Sunday’s ester to go on an ester hunt.


the summer seasons are the most popular time to visit America because of it the hottest time of the year and then is the time when most of the public attractions are open. The hottest place is in Texas. The summer is from June to Augustus. The northern side has a warm day and cool nights and southern is very hot so the tip doesn’t really go there despite the fact that it is very hot.  In the summer most of the water parks are open and tourist are everywhere and enjoying the hot summer 


 Autumn is between September to November. Have you ever pictures of the autumn in the USA, the leaves turning a red and yellow or orange color and it couldn’t look more beautiful. Some cities prepare for the upcoming winter. Some people visit the autumn seasons because of the color change and the best time to go and hike. 


Winter lasts from October to February. In December it is Christmas. The reason most tourist can and visits because of the snow and some cities have Christmas festivals and people from far away visits their families in America and some counties can’t get snow so they visit America to experience the snow and play in it. 

If you love America and you like to visit it in different seasons. It would be better to visit a season that you like. If you haven’t visited is in a different season, want is holding you back to try and go visit it. And, if you haven’t been to America before the best time is in the winter and summer.